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Dongguan Qway Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2005, located in Dongguan city,China.

Our main products are GPU minining rigs,chassis,server case,mini PC , laser cutting & etching and so on.

Meanwhile, We are distributer of different kinds of ASIC miners. Qway factory has been equipped with complete processing workshops: stamping , CNC , bending , and painting, assembly...

We specialize in OEM/ODM projects with many clients, and our friendly after-sales services has won us positive response from customers around the world.

Over 14 years of experience in design and manufacture, all of our products are appeared with very new technologies design with high quality and cost-effective solutions for customers to facilitate their time-to- profit and time- to- service requirements.

And also we guarantee outgoing quality assurance, product reliability and prompt delivery.
To achievements the win-win business mode between qway and its faithful partners.

Please take action to contact with us to gain the best solutions for your requirement.



Contact: Jessie Zhang

Phone: 13652559356

Tel: 0769-86291162

Email: info@qwaytech.com

Add: Bld 4,Shangyuan Industrial Area,Yinkeng Road,Qingxi Town,Dongguan City,China