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How to Build a Mining Rig? Step by Step Guide

Mining is one of the ways through which you can get yourself some of the valuable cryptocurrencies out there.

With the right equipment, this venture can actually be profitable.

Let’s look at a step by step guide on how you can build a mining rig to help you start mining coins.

What is a mining rig?http://qwaytech.com/en/mining-rig-case-ETH-case.html

Mining rigs are simply powerful computer systems set up to carry out mining of a cryptocurrency.

A rig could be a specialized and dedicated system that is used for mining or otherwise be meant for other operations like gaming and be utilized for mining when needed.

How does a mining rig work?

A mining rig works by using the mining software on a miner to hook the mining hardware to a given mining pool.

The mining rig points the rig’s hash rate at the pool before participating in the process of securing and completing transactions on the network.

You get rewarded when your rig helps the pool add a block to the blockchain.

What are the different types of mining rigs?

1 CPU mining

This is the process of mining crypto using a CPU processor to perform the computational algorithms to solve blocks. However, it is no longer widely used.

What are the pros and cons of CPU mining?


  • The CPU mining rig is inexpensive since it can be done with an ordinary PC.
  • You can mine other newer altcoins with CPU easily.

2 GPU mining

GPU mining rig involves the use of graphics card to complete the mining process in a network

What are the pros of GPU mining?


  • Higher hashing power compared to CPU.
  • Useful in mining a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that have different hashing algorithms.
  • Profitable when done properly.

  • How to build a mining rig?

    How to build a mining rig may appear a daunting task at first but once you get everything you need, you will find it much easier than you initially thought.

    And therefore, the very first thing is to assemble everything you will need so as to save yourself the hassle of running up and down trying to locate this or that.


    A motherboard is simply that big flat component of your computer that everything else plugs into. Whatever device you choose must be compatible with the MOBO.

    The motherboard will determine the kind of CPU to use, the number of GPUs you can add, and memory limit.

    To check if the CPU and your MOBO are compatible, use the Part Picker tool for PCs. A good MOBO for mining rigs should have the capacity for at least 6 GPUs.

    One of the best MOBOs out there is the http://www.qwayonline.com/product/100new-in-box-d1800-btc-d1800-btc/


    Another very significant factor to consider is where you want to put up your rig. This is important because we want to have our rig in a well-ventilated place that would aid in cooling the rig. It is important to keep your GPU rigs in a cool area because they tend to overheat.

    The GPU should have an optimal temperature to operate in.

    Cooler rigs will have a better output which is our aim. So you should use AC, air duct boosters or oscillating fans to keep the room cool.

    Graphics card

    Power supply

    How much power do I need for my rig? That solely depends on the hardware used


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